Flexibility, transparency and open communication are important to us.


That's why we always try to accommodate our clients' requests even if they only need a one-off consultancy with us or require a 7 day-a-week commitment for a year. And unlike our competitors, that's why we post our prices online. So depending on how much contact time you book with us, we can offer you competitive hourly or daily rates. Our hourly rate starts at £100/per hour and our daily rate starts at £550/per day.


Please get in touch to get a tailored quote that will suit your needs. 


1. Employee vs independent contractor

Are you thinking about the pros and cons of recruiting and employing a full-time employee vs hiring an independent contractor? 

We put together a calculation to add further insights to your decision making process. 

2. Your employees' health and well-being

Why is it worth investing in your employees' health and well-being?


A healthy workplace is good for business and we listed a few reasons why this is the case for small or large organisations alike. 

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