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Thanks for stopping by. As you will have seen, we are specialised in two main areas: project management and behaviour change. Click on the links to learn more about what these services are and feel free to browse through our portfolio

Prior to founding PROMINT in 2017, I had led project departments and managed high-end projects with individual value over £25M+ across Europe.

My vision was to help clients make the most out of their resources by providing them with high-quality project management or advising them on effective ways of implementing change in their organisation.

I'm now bringing my 20+ years experience in project management, process and system development and optimisation to PROMINT's customers. I'm also fortunate enough to be able to work with like-minded people in our team who are just as relentless about quality and efficiency in what they do, as I am. 


I hope we'll have the pleasure to work with you too!

Mr Tommy Kiss
Dr Ildiko Tombor
Deputy Director

lldiko is a Chartered Psychologist and expert in behaviour change. She has been leading on projects in the public and private sector that aimed at helping people change their behaviour. She is passionate about applying principles of behavioural science in a variety of settings, including health and wellbeing, and organisational change management. 

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